A little life update

I’ve been sitting here debating what to write about for a while. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written myself as the #takingbackourkeys project took centre stage. I have a few things in the pipeline that I want to discuss, but I thought I’d start with a little bit of a life update so to speak.

Me and Kieran both had our Birthdays (we’re both May babies!), we ended up having an impromptu picnic dinner on the beach with prosecco for mine. Watching the sun set and opening prezzies, I don’t think it could have been any more perfect.

I tested all my one rep maxes in training, after a 6 week block of intensely hard work. And I am so so close to my pre pregnancy strength! Since giving birth, making time for training has been one of my top priorities. 3-4 times a week I have 1.5 hours to myself, blasting heavy music and lifting some heavy weights. Alongside an hour of mobility work every single day. Parenting is all consuming, but rain or shine I make time for that – and I’m not shy to say I am very very proud of it.

The date of it being exactly a year since we found out we were pregnant has come and gone – yet another thing kicking up lots of emotions. All the memories of the emotional pain we were in this time last year have been flooding back in slowly but surely. I think since having Arlo all those emotions melted away a little, but lots of things have been gently reminding me that they are still there – that period of my life still happened. And so I’ve been taking some space to process that.

Arlo has become very vocal in the last few weeks – giggling and making all the baby noises! I think his giggle is one of my favourite ever sounds – is there anything better than that ‘dirty old man’ baby giggle?

Kieran finished uni on Tuesday, and we are now working towards moving into our own house and both starting university in September. It feels as though the three of us can finally be together and start building our lives. Which I suppose has been rather emotional and may explain why my mind has felt so full lately. Kieran is my one constant throughout all the uncertainty, and now that he is home it’s kicked up a lot of emotions. I’ve never ever believed in the idea of ‘soul mates’ or ‘love at first sight’…but meeting Kieran may have changed my mind on that.

Well, it’s only now I write it down that I can put together why I’ve been feeling a little weird the last few weeks. All those things combined makes for a heavy emotional load. But I’m taking the time to create the space I need in my mind and as a family we are most definitely at a turning point of moving onward and upwards.

I’m working on some exciting new content…which will hopefully be of value to some people. So keep your eyes peeled.

Georgia X

2 thoughts on “A little life update”

  1. A lovely post Georgia, but I hope you don’t mind if I put in a comment from Narnia (Kieran’s Mum who refuses to be called a Grandmother for those who don’t know me.) Your post has brought back memories for me too, ones which I think as individuals we just lock away, but really ought to take the time to share, so that others know that no matter what age they are, they are not the only ones going through these experiences.

    Kieran was also an accident and his Dad and I have never made a secret of that. We were 30 and 33 respectively and neither of us had children. However, being an unplanned pregnancy meant that we went through all the emotional turmoil that you and Kieran have been through. The; is our relationship ready for this? (we had known each other about 18 months by that point); are we as individuals ready for this? how will we cope financially? (I was the main earner of the two of us and it was going to mean a complete role reversal from the “traditional” stay at home/work part time Mum and full time working Dad scenario) and asking the questions I know you both asked yourselves at the time, about termination options (however we didn’t pursue those questions as far as you both did, and quite quickly made a decision to be a family). Well we managed it and still do. The relationship grew and our lives moved forward with an extra person on board, who I think we made a reasonable job of bringing up, with no previous experience or life knowledge to fall back on! As you know Georgia, we are still together as a couple, and its now almost 22 years since we first met. I think you have also realised that we don’t do things the way our grandparents might have done, as we are still not married and I proudly and fiercely hang on to my own Father’s surname!

    I know when Kieran told us of your pregnancy his Dad and I tried to be supportive, but didn’t jump for joy or accept the news with beaming smiles. We were both concerned that going through with the pregnancy was potentially going to see you and Kieran not going forward with the careers you had planned for yourselves and effectively accepting whatever work you could to be able to survive and get by day to day. We were worried that, as two very bright and intelligent young people there was a risk you would “sell yourselves short” in the long term. Well you’ve both proved us wrong, thank you. You are still both pursuing your career plans; secured places at and planning a move to the University of your choice; growing as a couple and as a family; and going from strength to strength. Well done, don’t ever relax….either of you, because it takes hard work, perseverance, determination and resilience to make a relationship, studying, working and bringing up a family come together and its easier with two people working together!

    Whatever your futures hold Keiran’s Dad and I will be there to help and support, where ever we can, and for as long as we can, even if we don’t always do things in the way you and Kieran might prefer us to!

    Keep writing and sharing your experiences Georgia because you are right society needs to see bringing a child into the world as something to be celebrated, not something to be frowned on because you are younger or older than is “normal”. (Well what’s “normal”, just some imaginary timeline for today’s society.) There was a point in our history where if, as a female, you weren’t having children by the time you were 15 years old it was considered there was something wrong with you!


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