How I feel about birth control after unplanned pregnancy

Birth control, something we are all taught to think about but yet no one actually seems to talk about it? What is it that is so taboo about birth control anyway…I’m sure most women are pretty open about if they want a baby right now or not?

Personally, I have never liked the idea of messing with my body’s natural cycle with hormones. So the likes of the pill or the implant etc have never been for me. Right from when I started having sex I’ve always just used condoms + tracked my cycle. I use an app called ‘clue’ which I very highly recommend! It looks like this;

Which worked well for a few years…and then I fell pregnant. As I’m sure you may have guessed, the ‘morning after’ pill was not something for me either.

So now I sit here with my baby, who I hadn’t planned on having but who is the greatest gift I have ever received.

After you have a baby, you’re very fertile – and midwives very heavily impress on you to ‘sort’ your birth control out. When my midwife mentioned it and I said I didn’t want any hormonal birth control she seemed quite shocked. But obviously as a professional she can’t change or question my choices.

Despite having an unplanned pregnancy, I still firmly stand in my choices not to use hormonal or invasive birth control. Which I think is a decision I have made for a few reasons.

One likely being that the physical effects of pregnancy and birth on your body are so intense, that I want to give my body a break. After all the hormones that had ran through my body to grow my baby, I needed to leave my system alone to level back out.

Another reason being that now I have experienced the joy of motherhood and that I know there is never a ‘right’ time to have a baby, if it happened again I know I’d cope. Just to be clear, I definitely don’t WANT another baby while I’m doing my degree etc and I will be taking precautions to not get pregnant, but no matter how many precautions you take their is always a chance – that’s just life.

So unplanned pregnancy hasn’t changed my opinions or choices surrounding birth control, if anything it’s made me feel more confident in my decisions – which I suppose is a very strange thing to say. But hey ho it makes sense in my mind.

I’ve had a few women reach out to me in the past saying they have received hate for not wanting to use birth control. So I suppose that was one of the reasons I wanted to write this. Your choices are your choices ONLY, and no one should EVER pass comment or judgement on that.

Georgia X

16 thoughts on “How I feel about birth control after unplanned pregnancy”

  1. I agree with this! I was on the pill from around age 14 to relieve my PMS symptoms but around 22 I suddenly thought what on earth is this doing to my body? Realistically no one knows the long term effects. Since having Teddy I’ve started using Natural Cycles, it’s the only app which is considered to be approved birth control and is all done on basal temperature.

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    1. Yes exactly! I’ve heard of Natural Cycles before and would be very interested in giving it a go! From what I remember the subscription was fairly expensive though? X


    2. I made the decision to not use birth control. It effected me negatively in all aspects, weight gain, mood swings, bleeding like crazy. So, I agree with you! Whatever works for you, go for it!


  2. It’s always your choice, and I bet is feels liberating not putting things in your body to change the balance. Good luck with your degree mama!

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  3. Love this post! It is your body. YOU decide what you do. I was on birth control before my daughter and after, but I stopped taking it over a year ago. I felt better after I stopped taking it. I track my cycle as as well

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    1. Thank you! A lot of women have been saying that hormonal BC affected things like mood etc (we’ve been having a big chat about people’s opinions over on my Instagram!). I love the method of tracking my cycle, works perfectly for me! Xx


  4. We had our unplanned cutie after getting of hormonal BC because of the side effects! Wouldn’t change it for the world though!

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  5. I also used that app! And found out I was having a baby (months before I graduate college). Definitely not ideal, but I very strongly disliked birth control. I would actually always forget to take it- not purposefully- and I hated the way it elevated my anxiety and depression. I love your honestly with this post.

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  6. Totally agree! My son was not planned at all & I did use birth control after I had him. I never had any opinion on it because it was just something we were told to get. I stopped using it after 3 years because we wanted to try for another which resulted in our baby girl. Now I don’t feel like my body should have something like that interfering with what it does naturally so I’m not on anything. I love that you talked about this!


  7. I always liked the idea of letting babies happen when they happen. Trying to plan to make a baby just isn’t the same. You keep doing you mama!


  8. I agree! I tried the pills after having my son for a couple of months and I hated it. I honestly didn’t feel like myself and I would blame it on the postpartum. But after getting off them I felt so much better and so much like myself again.


  9. Great post! I never used birth control but was a young mama at 18! After hearing all the side effects and mood changes i opted out too after having my first ! I’m a proud mama of three (including twins) but wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for sharing and being honest in this post!


  10. Great post! I was a young mama too at 18, so I can relate to the negativity associated with the decision not to use north control. I think it’s awesome that you are confident in your decision and can’t be easily swayed. There will always be someone to disagree with your decisions in some way or another. Great post mama, thank you!


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